We have been doing some research on the country, Israel for leadership and innovation.  November last year, we hosted the Global Agenda Seminar with Tomer Shussman, now co-founder and CEO of Celloscope.com, as a guest.  He presented the unique program in Israel to develop leaders.  About three years ago, we hosted another Global Agenda Seminar with Kentaro Sakakibara of Samurai Incubate.  After he presented, I joined him and we had very interesting discussion about how people are educated, think etc. in Israel (in Japanese.)

We followed the similar process with Mr. Tomer Shussman and I joined him and facilitated the Q & A  session. last November.  This session  was also very interesting and it triggered our interest in the country and stimulated our appetite to find out  how they develop leaders and promote innovation.  Our plan is to publish a book with implications to business and the project has been going well and I find the process quite interesting.

Today, however, I find the news that Israel will have fresh election, because the Prime Minister Netanyahu who won the recent very tight election could not form coalition. Before he won the last election, there were some talks regarding whether he would continue as leader or not(related to corruption charges etc. I recall.)  Against quite strong opposition from several groups, however, he won and it seemed that they would continue business as usual.  In fact, the US President Trump gave a big support to Netanyahu by moving the capital to Jerusalem, and gave warm welcome during his visits to the US.

So this development is a bit of surprise, and particularly so as we are now planning a book on Israel.  I do not know enough about the political situation in Israel, but things may change somewhat in the country.

In the meantime, we will continue our research on how Israel managed to develop people with solid science foundation (including computer science) and to offer young people a variety of real world experiences of problem solving.