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IMG_8843Today (Monday, February 22), I gave a key note speech at the Intelligence Report Conference in Dubai. It was in pechakucha style (20 slides changing every 20 seconds), I wrote/rewrote the story several times. (I had sent slides well in advance, but have not developed the story yet.) The title of my talk was “New work and new skills in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and tried to tailor my presentation to the profile of audience, i.e. SME.  When I arrived at the venue, many people introduced themselves as they recognized me through the promotional materials (I assume) of this conference.

After the pechakucha presentation, we spent some 10 minutes taking questions. I received some interesting questions, some of which were quite tough.

Before my key note, a few welcome notes and introduction were made which explained the context of the conference–focusing on SME in Dubai and UAE.

intelligencereportheader-bgA collection of fast-paced presentations  on corporate governance, on government activities, and how SMEs should behave-story telling and making decisions, etc. follow which gave me the glimpse of the SMEs in Dubai.  I am very much looking forward to the Bitcoin and risks many SMEs face.

I wondered how they contacted me for this conference and it turned out that they watched my TEDxTokyo talk. It is great to be given the opportunity to get involved with this type of conference.       .


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