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In the book “100-year life”, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott describe the importance of intangible asset. I often quote these three intangible assets -1. productivity asset-lifelong learning etc., 2. vitality asset-health, balance, etc. and 3. transformational asset-diverse network, different experiences, as I completely agree with their idea.

As I reflect back this past week I spent in Tokyo, I cannot help but think that the network and activities I have with the people I discussed in my recent blog entries, as described below, are exactly that.
Taking an advantage of relatively cool weather in between extreme heat wave, I had series of meetings to explore the potential of our new series SINCA, I had two dinners-one with the people I served at the board of the company and the other with the group of people for the new series, ran last session of Davos.. in Tokyo, session #4 of Global Agenda Seminar Series 2018, and lunch with the person whose ambitious company I support.

I also had a chance to go to M. Takahashi concert (who happen to be the same age as mine, i. e. hitting the big number next year! and who impresses me with performance of 2 hours solid at 5,000 people hall) . I visited my 96-year-old Dad who had fractures on his left elbow from the fall every time I can at his senior residence.
These people and collaborative activities I have had the opportunity so far make my life so meaningful. I am so grateful that I have been so fortunate.
Now with regained energy, I am leaving Tokyo tomorrow evening to head back to British Columbia to work more on developing intangible assets (WordPress online course included!)

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