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FullSizeRender (71)Yesterday, July 24, I went to the concert by Mariko Takahashi and Henry Band at Tokyo International Forum. I usually go to her concert tour which takes place from June through November twice or three times- first earlier in the tour and midpoint and toward the end, to see the evolution of the concert tour.
The hall accommodates 5000 people (i.e. huge!) and it was full. (It is almost impossible to buy tickets unless you are the member of the official fan club.) My seat this time was about half way (a bit toward the back) on the first floor.
Though I saw one of the earlier concert in Yokosuka in June, I found it very exciting and fun. As they have performed some 15 times or so, the show was quite smooth. (I like the lighting a lot.)
The show lasts some 2.5 hours without intermission and the fact she releases CD and does the national tour every year is inspiring. (This is her 50th anniversary since she started performing!, i.e. she is baby boomer generation!)
Her talk is very casual and natural though performance is dynamic and so powerful. As I am the same generation, I find her (and her husband, Henry’s) persistence and passion encouraging and inspiring. Gives me a lot of energy to go on….

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