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Since I came back from Tel Aviv on Saturday, I have been under quite a bit of time pressure to revise the draft to meet deadline, take care of inquiries I had received while away, paid the bills, went through the medical test and been in the process of finishing several preparations for administrative matters.  As the trip was full of exciting and inspiring meetings, my head has been spinning with “hot” ideas, while I was pressed to follow up on the meetings and interviews.

As I feel I am settle down a bit now, I did “voice over”  for the short iMovie which consists of photos I took in Tel Aviv.  It is in English (no BGM yet).  Meetings and interviews were very informative, thanks to the arrangement of our friends in Tel Aviv.  I will write more about the people I was particularly impressed with later, but you can get the feel for the time we spent in Tel Aviv from this short video.

Though I heard it was rainy season, we were very fortunate as we had sunny and summer-like days.  As temperature is much lower in Tokyo, I need to be careful not to catch cold! We are fortunate, however, as the people in North America experience January weather now with lots of snow!.

Today (Nov. 12) was a beautiful day in Tokyo with full moon.  The best season is yet to come….. Here is the video of Tel Aviv. Enjoy!

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