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I attended several sessions of the Innovative City Forum 2019 held at Roppongi Academy Hills on Nov. 19  and 20.  As I had other meetings, interviews, papers due and outline/slides to prepare for the seminar I give tomorrow and next week,  I had to juggle many things.  The sessions I found very interesting on the first day was Key note speech 2 entitled “City as a multiverse-the next undiscovered territory as “Common Ground” by Keisuke Toyoda, architect.  As I has a chance to head and talk briefly with Kengo Kuma, architect recently. I felt many new things are taking place in architecture.  Mr. Toyoda’s talk had many things beyond my comprehension, but was inspiring nonetheless.  Mr. Kuma’s remarks on new materials for architecture I heard the day before was also ver interesting.

I also liked the contrast of two perspectives on Big Data, as a part of kick off of Brainstorming for IR4 session in the evening of the day 1.  The one I thought “fun” was the talk by Ei Wada who showed us very creative approach to transform used appliances such as TV to musical instrument.  It was so fascinating that he developed the idea at the age of 4? and was quite entertaining.

The one I found most encouraging was the session entitled “Urban Strategy Session” at the end of Day 2.  If the work and lifestyle that three panelists shared spread through the big crowd who came to hear the session, I can imagine that work and life in Japan would drastically transform to the better. What the three panelists -Masami Takahasiof WeWork Japan, Kazuhiro Obara, and Masaki Hamura with Prof. Ichikawa facilitating- discussed I find very similar to what I hear overseas AND what I imagine as good lifestyle for myself.  It lifted my spirit after crazy week + under time pressure I had endured…

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