Innovative City Forum Day 2 was inspiring and somewhat provocative. I attended the session “Media Art-Possibilities of Cities and Media Art.” I decided to go to this session (though I was invited to the World Economic Forum Session Top 10 Urban Innovations” which took place at the same time.

Media Art session was one of the best sessions of this year’s Forum, I thought. Junji Tanigawa, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Aki Inomata and Kinya Tagawa were speakers and share their activities first. Tanigawa san explained the past events of Media Ambition Tokyo (some I had attended before), Mizuguchi san his Rez Infinite, and Tagawa san work of Takram. I had never seen work of Aki san and found her approach very creative. It was nice to hear her impressions of New York where she stayed for five months or so.
Each one of speakers picked three main topics and we were given the opportunity to ask for any for discussion. I am very inspired by some ideas such as the blurring of traditional categories and frameworks such as senses, people & animals, etc. etc.

The afternoon session was entitled Innovative City Brainstorming and four researchers made kick off presentation- 1.urban infrastructure/social infrastructure 2. drastic change in enterprise work styles, 3. future of the sharing economy 4. role of art in the era of Artificial Intelligence.  Four presentations were concise, to the point and easy to follow.  After the kick off presentation, breakout sessions were held for each of the four topics.  I joined the group “Role of Art in the era of AI.”  It went quite deep and I ended up having more questions and food for thoughts.  (in a similar way as in the afternoon of the first day when we discussed augmentation.)

The day ended with feedback session ICF program committee session.  I was quite exhausted by the end of the day as I felt I heard so many interesting, inspiring and provocative thoughts and ideas.  I am very impressed with the planning/speakers/organization of this Forum.