I have been involved with several initiatives, two of which are quite similar, though at different level and scope.  It is related to the talent and new skills required for the new era.  One is the Talent Mobility project at the Global Agenda Council organized by the World Economic Forum.  This project has been underway for several years and now we are coming close to starting the on-line knowledge bank of best practices regarding human capital issues. (I think this term, “human capital”, captures what we are doing better than just talent mobility,and thus I use this term here.)  It is a broad scale project covering the world and many different organizations–private, public, international organizations, NPO, etc.

The other is the project I have been involved at KMD.  This is an attempt to build the community for those who are interested in global career and to provide new opportunities by creating  space (real & virtual)  for them to interact.  We have worked on it for several months and are experimenting the site and testing the package for my course.

As I worked on both projects, I realize there are some common factors running through the two.  Our objectives over the short term are  different, i.e. one trying to raise awareness of the urgency of the talent issue and to provide platform for exchanging & exploring  solutions to the issue on the global scale, and the other to provide opportunities for young people to share their experiences and to continue  learning at much smaller scale, starting at our school and in Japan.   We share common issues, however, such as to how to make people access our site in the first place and how to make sure that they make use of it by not only accessing information, but also by posting their own views and cases. In other words, how to make it viral.

I am very excited about both and feel fortunate that I am a part of the exciting initiatives.  This is the time for experiment and trial & error.