tqe2it00000u4b3kIt is general consensus that we have more information than we can handle today, thanks to technology. If we try, we can access information from anywhere, anyplace and anytime. But do we make the best of this advantage? Do we examine diversified sources of information and check whether the information is not manipulated or distorted?
Media plays important role to shape the public opinion. It is imperative that freedom of press is guaranteed to have democracy in a real sense of the term. In this Global Agenda Seminar series, we invited journalists to discuss the difference of training and contract of journalists in Japan and elsewhere.  We also discussed how role of media has changed in the past several years.
Recently, two reports have been published regarding the status of freedom of press in Japan, which gives us some concern. One was the report by David Kaye, UN Special Rappoteur, regarding the endangered status of independence of press in Japan. The other is the ranking of Japanese media in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index presented by the NGO “Reporters without Borders” in which Japan was ranked 72nd out of 180 countries, down 11 from the previous year. .

In order to discuss these concerns and make us aware of the importance of freedom of press in Japan, we will have Mr. Martin Fackler as our guest for the Special session #2 of Global Agenda Seminar (GAS) 2016 on Thurday, June 2.
Mr. Fackler has worked as journalist in Tokyo, New York, Beijing and Shanghai. He served as Tokyo Bureau Chief of the New York Times from 2009 to 2015. He warned of the possible danger to the freedom of press in Japan, from his extensive experience of working in Japan and other places.
Why not join us on June 2, to discuss this important issue of freedom of press and what we can do to ensure the benefit of information accessibility and freedom of press. The session will be conducted in English.  For details and registration, follow this link. (At the bottom of the page, the English explanation of the seminar is given with how you can register.) Hope to see many of you then.