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Today (Japan time early morning), Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United Staes and Kamala Harris as Vice President.  Though it was very different from usual inauguration day, I am relieved that it was finished without major incident.  (I still recall the violence at Capitol Hill 2 weeks ago which haunts me.)   Though Biden administration is faced with unprecedented crises on many fronts-not only Covid-19, but also no national plan for distribution was available, I had a sense of relief watching the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as well as the video of three former presidents celebrating the day.

I feel we are back to “normal” (so to speak) without worrying what the leader of the biggest country in the world will start today!   I realize that my impression of the US being positive, forward looking and open to anybody (which I had formed when I went to the US first time when I was a junior in college, after wanting to do so many years) could be “illusion” now and only my wishful thinking.  But I still like to believe in the power, vitality and energy of the people in the U.S.

I believe I can indulge myself in this “illusion”wishful thinking” even just for a day., after worrying and being nervous for some time.

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