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I bought espresso machine the other day. I was checking the mail one night, to find that there was a great value (sale) on some household items from Amazon. I checked them and found the espresso maker, which was over 60% off. I love espresso and espresso drinks (these days, I am leaning toward double latte) so I jumped on it.

I ordered it, and the coffee maker arrived in a day. I was afraid that it could be huge and I would have trouble finding the space to place it in my small kitchen. I was RIGHT! It was big.

In addition, it looked rather complicated to operate. (In fact, I owned espresso machine many years ago and used it for a while, making cappuccino etc. But finally decided to get rid of it as I found it was easier to have espresso drinks at Starbucks or Tullys!)

Obviously I did not learn the lesson and bought it again on impulse. But it was too late. I bought espresso beans ground for the machine. I followed the steps and made a mess. Coffee was all over my kitchen. It was a challenge to make foam milk, too.
I kicked myself as I did not learn the lesson from my previous experience and I got myself into this “irrational purchase behavior of buying something simply because it was at big discount.!”

Then after some thought, I came up with the new idea. I told myself that I would use this machine to slow down and relax. I have had hectic days these few weeks and found myself rather irritable. So I decided to make the best of this irrational purchase by forcing myself to slow down.
I would make espresso on weekend when I have time, and never rush to make a mess.

This past weekend, I made another try and it worked! I enjoyed the process of making espresso and making foam milk (not by the machine, but by simple device.) It tasted SO GOOD!
I feel very relaxed and refreshed. So after all, impulse purchase may not have been that bad.

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