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This morning, we tried impromptu speech with my students for the Boot Camp part 2.  Yesterday, we tried to collect many topics for the 5-minute speech.  (I insisted that we need at least 20 topics, and we got them.)

I brought a hat and the small pieces of paper with the topic to class.  Each student picked up one from the hat with 20 topics.  I gave them a few minutes to think about and then they gave 5- minute speech on the topic assigned in English.

We timed and after each speech, we opened it to the floor so that others could ask questions and make comments.  The process repeated with each student.

I then introduced some tips for the speech–contents and delivery.  For the impromptu speech, what to do and how to do it.  I thought students did well for the first trial and they seemed to like the exercise.  I asked one of the students to tape the session, because I believe one of the best ways to develop good presentation skills is to watch yourself.

We will try again the similar format, probably with some revisions.  It was a good way to end the first week of BC2.

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