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天城リーダーズフォーラム_02Recently I heard the podcast (in English) about keys to develop good interviewing skills. It was interesting to find that one of the best interviewers talked about the importance of seeing yourself to improve your interview skills. He discussed basic rules such as making the interviewee feel at home, start with easy questions, etc. etc.
What I found most interesting was his response to the question, “Who do you think are the good interviewers we can learn?” His response was “Rather than trying to copy/emulate others, watch your own interview and develop your own style.”
天城リーダーズフォーラム_10It is very similar to my suggestion/response when I am asked the similar question “Who are the good presenters we can learn?”. I always say that your presentation is your own and not others. You need to develop your own style in the same way that your message is yours and yours only. And the best way to find your own style is to watch yourself and review your own delivery.

I realize many people avoid yoko4threviewing their own performance, but it is a best way to find what’s good about your own and what can be improved. So here are some of my own presentations & Q & A I did last week in different places. I am trying to learn from photos (videos are not available yet..)

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