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I have found (it is still hypothesis) that one of the best ways to develop imagination and creativity is to talk with the elderly (over 90?) & figure out what they are doing, trying to say. They(at least some of them including my own Dad)  forget names and things, and seem to lose sense of time and probably space/distance. So you need tremendous amount of guess work and a touch of sense of humor & patience..

If you are NOT pressed for time or NOT faced with critical decisions, you can probably appreciate(and/or probably enjoy) the process.

All of us age sooner or later. Japan is the fastest aging country. Thus we need to develop skills to deal with them and make the better or best of it.

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    • Aki
    • June 16th, 2014

    Hi Yoko,

    I kind of consolidated our blog articles regarding “aging” as follows. There are some other on IoT (Internet of Things), sensing, and healthcare, but will list only aging topics as a thought starter.

    Aging in Place (1): The New Realities of Growing Older | Blog | design mind

    Aging in Place (2): Building a Foundation for Design | Blog | design mind

    Aging in Place (3): Early Concept Development | Blog | design mind

    Aging in Place (4): frogs making | Blog | design mind

    Aging Independently: Sensing’s Potential to Enrich Our Later Lives | design mind

    Talk more this Friday.


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