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 I have been in Bay Area for the past week, enjoying the mild weather and some sunny days. While enjoying the open air and feeling, some rather unsettling feelings have captured me these days. It is caused not only by my visits/meetings in Bay Area, but also from the remarks I heard at the meetings I participated about two weeks ago in Japan. The participants included some consultants, academics, as well as venture capitalists & entrepreneurs from the Bay Area. All of them referred to the distance between Japan and the rest of the world (in particular, Bay Area etc.) in discussing the current positioning of Japan.
I have my own worries as to what I should do to continue building new skills and acquiring new knowledge. What concerns me even more is what I would do if I were in 20s and were in Japan? Would I feel comfortable and content in Japan when things seem to move as they have been -whether it is job hunting or school curriculum? Or would I feel concerned as Japan seems to be falling more and more behind?
 One of my attempts to do something about it is the Global Agenda Seminar series held at Roppongi Academy Hills. In fact, the first special seminar of GAS 2018 which I announced on this blog before, is scheduled for coming Monday, March 19 under the title of “Born to Global.” Our guest is Mr. Gajan Mohanarajah, CEO of Rapyuta Robotics which is headquartered in Japan, but operates with global perspectives. i.e. They hire best people from anywhere in the world, locate activities wherever in the world that are most suitable. Company website is here with information.

Japan is not known as ideal place for entrepreneurs, in particular, some tech entrepreneurs. The country is not necessarily most friendly to the foreigners, either.  Not being Japanese, how did they decide to start business in Japan and what benefits and hurdles have they had so far? Even though you have a full time job at the established companies and/or have offers from them with good job outlook(which I tend to doubt these days), probably you may want to find out what other options there are.  This will be a good opportunity to explore new areas.  Whether you decide to take actions there or not is not relevant.  Get exposed to experience of Indian tech entrepreneurs and ask question to explore yourself. For details and registration, go to this site

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