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 Tomorrow’s SINCA session will highlight the role and expectation of young generation. We will have some high school students join our breakout sessions to discuss what kind of things/questions on their mind.  At the same time, we will have regular? (majority business people I believe) share what they would do if they were high school students now.

The reason I invited high school students at our SINCA session tomorrow (and hopefully in the future) is because I promised them during the Q & A session after my talk at the Forum in the middle of December. One of the comments raised at the session was that the overseas trip/study might be canceled this year (I hear part of the program was canceled last year) and they felt that there are not much high school students could do.  I responded I would think of some alternative approach/way if their overseas trip/study is in fact canceled.

I heard few weeks ago from some students that their overseas trip was canceled for this year.  So I thought about several ways to keep my promise to students that I would do something.  I came up with the idea of inviting them to our SINCA session so that they could ask questions, discuss with people who may have some overseas experiences etc.  (Majority of SINCA participants have some exposure to global as we discuss/brainstorm in English.)

I informed students the idea, and in the meantime I proposed the topic “What would you do if you were high school students?” as the topic of the session.

Then I thought about the topic myself and figured what I would do if I were high school students.  My conclusion is that I would make best use of being young- a lot of time ahead of them and energy/physical be exposed to variety of fields, places and people.  I would also try to read many books which I did not while I was in high school.

I also thought about what I could offer from my own past experiences and activities and essentially concluded that my experience may not be relevant any more as we live in the different era.  I go even further and probably suggest not do what I did.  (Recently I realize that we often end up living  in the past as we are often asked what we have done.)  That is how interviews often done.  It is one thing that we learn from the history, but there is no point that we live in the past and encourage young generation to follow our steps.  We always need to move forward.


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