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 Sometimes Saturdays are relaxing day for me even during the semi lock down.  As many people work from home, Friday gets quite busy with inquiries and requests etc. (Many try to finish their work before the weekend.) For me, Sunday is very busy day as I have weekly online meeting with friends in the morning and sometime SINCA or GAS sessions in the evening. As I serve as host for both, I need to arrange some things which keep me quite busy and I am usually exhausted by the time we finish around 9:30 or 10:00 pm Sunday.

I decided to take an advantage of Saturday today and try the game of “Make believe”?  as if I go away and/or live in a different environment.  I decided to do brunch in the morning (it is Saturday, so why not?) and pretend that I am at cafe in NY to have croissant sandwich w small salad and cafe latte.  I have beautiful flower arrangement sent to me a few days ago, so the scene is perfect!  I made croissant sandwich w prosciutto and camembert cheese. Made dressing for the small salad of baby leaf. I made cafe latte with my Nespresso machine.

The second project for the day was to make my study look like cockpit of the plane.  I was inspired by Kaz Ataka’s remarks and even post on facebook that brunch at French restaurant w beautiful flowers and work at cockpit style study is my ideal lifestyle. My study does NOT quite look like cockpit, as I ended up cleaning my desk (which in itself an accomplishment!)   With live show from NASA on the background, I am quite satisfied with my project.  I will see what I can do to make my study more like cockpit this coming week?  Here is the video I prepared with the two project.  Enjoy.

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