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Yesterday, March 26, was the day of Field Study II presentation by the ICS student teams. Two teams of 6 students (3 each) presented their proposal to the top management of Ad Comm Group. I was supervising the two projects, together with Shingo Oue, my colleague.

As this is the project that students are in charge of, all we(i.e. Shingo and I) did was to attend some meetings, listen to students’ ideas,  and make some suggestions when asked.  Students spent a total of 4 weeks at the Ad Comm office.  The topics of the projects were Japan Promotion strategy and Marketing of new service.

Students have struggled in the process and they were very nervous yesterday when presenting. Top management of Ad Comm group including Mr. Andreas Dannenberg, President & CEO, had taken time to listen to the students presentations, asked questions, made comments and even made some suggestions for the future career.  It has been a great learning experience not only for students but also for us.  It is quite interesting to see how the project has evolved–how students come up with the hypothetical solution, get lost in data in the process, put together the story, and yet find many things they could have done.

We are grateful to Ad Comm Group who has been kind enough to spare office space for 6 students, to give us topics to work on, and to support us in many ways.  I am convinced that learning by doing and application of what students learn in classroom to the “real world” problem is the best way to develop leaders of tomorrow.

Students and I  had dinner  last evening at the restaurant near Shibuya.  We celebrated the completion of the Field Study II with a bottle of champagne!  It was a great day.(The photo on the left looks so DARK, but the spirit was HIGH!)

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