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 We had ICS auction this afternoon with the class of 2010.  It is an annual event at ICS held around the time of Halloween.  Faculty, staff and students bring various items  to the auction and we make a bid. Items for auction  used to be “products” such as warm winter coat, sweater etc. for example, for the students who come from the tropical areas. But recently, they are “experience” that is put for auction. They include “Trip to Tsukiji fish market early morning and eat sushi with Prof. X”,”Climb Mt. Fuji with Y” “Clean your office” etc.   

 As it is the Halloween weekend, everybody is supposed to wear costume.  Many wore funny costumes and so did I. (I will pose some photo when they become available.) I bought scary mask,black pants suits in New York City during my recent trip there and wore them with black robe.  When I was walking around with the scary mask, the students could not tell who it was.  After a while, they found out and we took  several pictures.(Stay tuned!) 

   The live auction lasted for two hours and it was a lot of fun.  I believe we raised considerable amount of money.  I am always amazed at the high energy level of the students and the talent they demonstrate at these occasions.   What a way to spend Friday evening!

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