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IMG_0240 13497619_10206718978992401_4403957747843099848_oThis afternoon (June 18), ICS Alumni Day was held at Hitotsubashi Hall in Jinbocho. I trust it was the first time for me to attend (for some reason, my trip schedule or some other commitment does not allow me to participate.)
This year, I was asked to give a talk after the one by CEO of the company so I went.
The program began with Dean’s explanation of the ICS status today, followed by the speech by the former Dean Hiro Takeuchi who is now at HBS. The representative of the class of 2006 gave a speech as they celebrate the 10th year.
The first speaker made a presentation about how he managed the company to achieve excellent results. It was full of many practical hints.
IMG_0247IMG_0245After the coffee break, I gave a talk for about 40 min. or so. By then the program was behind schedule, but I managed to finish (leaving little time for questions), quoting some data I found this morning and asking two questions to the audience.
The band who played after my talk was great, getting everybody revived.
I then went to the reception next door, talking with alumni whom I know and those I met for the first time.
It was a long afternoon (indoor when it was so sunny and summer like outside!) but I am glad that it went fine.
This week has been quite hectic with many events including board meetings, shareholder meetings, interviews etc. Now I can relax!

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