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IMG_1105Yesterday, (August 23 EST), I spent almost a whole day watching ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble) and Dai Fujikura in action. ICE had a concert featuring several young composers including Dai Fujikura who had two pieces played by ICE. Here is the link to his interview by ICE.
I went to watch the rehearsal and reception given by the supporter group AND after party in Village (which went on until after midnight.)
I was totally overwhelmed by the energy and passion of ICE and in particular, by Claire Chase, flutist and co-founder of ICE, I wrote about on this blog a few times.
IMG_1108I realize that you simply have to see/hear in person to appreciate what they are all about.
I was invited to the rehearsal in the afternoon, and then on to concert later on. It was such a difference between how they sounded at rehearsal and at the concert. (I was so amazed!)
It was the highlight of my stay in New York. (This is the reason I came, in the first place, but it was worth much more than that!) Here is the brief interview with Dai in between rehearsal and reception. (little over 4 minutes, both in Japanese and in English). I will write more about things I discovered. So stay tuned.

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