As I read and watch 4-day tribute to Sen. Daniel Inouye in Washington DC & in Hawaii over the past few days, I am reminded how much  the legacy of the humble & courageous man is appreciated  by many people.  As I understand from the reports,  that Sen. Inouye was a humble & dedicated person, not seeking the limelight through  his activities.  He must have been surprised and probably embarrassed? as he was given such a special treatment as the tribute at the Capital usually reserved for the Presidents of the US.  He must have been very honored to see  many people including President Obama & the First Lady attend the service in Hawaii.    It is clear that many people respected his long dedication to the public service and to the  country, despite his humble and rather low-key style.

When I watch (or listen to) the economic news and political dialogue/debate in the US, I find them almost annoying as I hear people just state their own views so loudly.  I have felt that the term “humble” may have been gone from the dictionary.  But the service for Sen. Inouye has made me feel that many people appreciate the quiet, but courageous and eloquent (without loud voice) behaviors.

This story reminded me of the  passing of Astronaut Neil Armstrong  and many stories following it.  I get an impression that Mr. Armstrong, though he was the  FIRST man landing on the moon in human history, did not want limelight or special treatment.  It was very interesting that many people, probably because he was so humble and so unpretentious, respected him even more and paid tribute to him.

It is good to know that being humble and being courageous, following your own conviction & philosophy can co-exist.  It is even better to find that many people appreciate it, probably not loudly, but  quietly.