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On April 19, good Friday when  a lot of people out, enjoying the day off from work, I went to the SHED at Hudson Yard. It is the new development in NYC, quite close to High LIne.   After I asked around few times, I made it to Gallery of the SHED to see Reich Richer Part show. (I bought a ticket to 2:30 pm show before hand.)

Around 2:15 we were led to the gallery where many fabric art(not sure what you call them) were displayed.  While we were looking around, the choir began singing Halleluyah. They were the people who were in the crowd.

After we heard hallelujah  a few times, we were led to the big hall where the orchestra was ready.  As soon as the music started, one of the walls started showing the digital picture?  As the music goes on, the shapes and colors of digital picture changed and went on for about 40 minutes.  I felt it reminded me of some of the digital display I saw in Tokyo, and yet, it was so grand and so different.

According to the program, Arvo Part and Steve Reich were composers of the miic and Gerhard Richter, artist.  Corinna Belt was filmmaker.  I could not tell how these four collaborated with each other, but it was so extraordinary.

I am so glad i went to the Hudson Yard and walked around the yard for some time.  It was sunny, and many people were there. (it was quite windy)

I am so impressed with the energy and creativity of the people in NYC to take on this type of grand development. (I had fun at High Line, too.)  It was a great way to spend Good Friday.

I then met with my friend Yuko to have pre-theater dinner at cozy wine place and went to see the show “Hilary & Clinton.”  It was very interesting and powerful play.  My first day in New York was full of excitement.

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