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I have written about how we see the work, our career, lifestyle makes a difference a few times before. My recent experience leads me to believe that there are two (or more?) kinds of people in the world and we can choose which camp we belong to.
One is those who find something negative in almost anything and seem to feel that many things do happen (are given), and beyond their control. The other is those who find something positive in almost anything and feel that they can make things happen. It is true that they are those in between-hybrid? and there are some things that you cannot solve, no matter how much you want.
I am increasingly convinced, however, that those who see something positive even in the midst of tragedy and saddest experience end up having good life. When you face adversity, it is hard to keep on going, but it may give you the opportunity to grow and be stronger. (I just finished Option B by Shery Sandberg, which made me realize this even more.-I may write more about the book.) Some have a hard time accepting loss and failure, and seem to refuse to learn from it.
I do hope that I stay in the group of positive, develop more sense of humour, (often I find the photo of me looking serious!)  and have fun….

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