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With Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Iran, attack on Norwegian and Japanese tankers, and increased tension between Iran and the US,, it is rather difficult to keep up with the changes in geopolitical landscape  in the distant part of the world (from where we are, i.e. Japan) . And yet,  tensions in the region which could lead to accidental military incidents could cause further concerns as the oil remains to be the important energy resources for many parts of the world.

Closer to home, huge demonstrations in Hong Kong and the actions by the Chinese government may cause additional concerns for the Japanese business, which already have issues as they are caught in between the US and China trade frictions.

In the midst of these issues, G20 summit is scheduled to take place in Osaka in 10 days.  I wonder how much of discussion/debates take place for these urgent issues at G20 summit and whether we see the beginning of some solutions.  (There will be many meetings on the sidelines of G20, I hears and these may serve as the place where “real” negotiations may take place.

Some of you may be concerned about the heavy security around G20 summit as regular schedule is NOT going to be followed.

Probably we can use this opportunity to expand our information source beyond Japanese media to find out how media in different countries report the events.  It will be interesting what news to be picked and how they are  covered by different media, even by the traditional media.  I would like to suggest to use this opportunity (some 10 days before G20 summit) to diversity your information sources.  If you follow the media in different countries the next 10 days, it will be a good start to see how media works in different parts of the world.

In fact, we offer good milestone for you to check your effort to diversity your information sources.  We will hold SINCA expert session on Tuesday, June 25 from19:30 with two experts on diplomacy, foreign relations etc. Mr. Tsuneo Watanabe of Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Mr. Tim Kelley of Reuters have extensive experiences in this area and will share their perspectives of today’s landscape.  If you can use this opportunity to follow different media from variety of sources, you can ask questions, make remarks during discussion with the experts.  The registration is already open here, so check it out.


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