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I recently heard at the end of the podcast the person said “Stay safe and sane.”  I was not sure whether I heard it right at the beginning,  but I thought it was a great idea. We often hear “Stay well.” or “Stay safe.””Take care of yourself and those around you.”  On the other hand, “Stay sane” has such sense of humor and provoke creative and innovative ideas.  When I realized that they actually said “sane,” I started laughing.

The question is “How can we stay sane?”  My suggestion is to think of many new and interesting (sometimes crazy) ideas when you encounter the difficulty.  We may not be able to do things as we used to do and took for granted, due to Covid-19.  We are not supposed to get together with family and/or friends, for example. We are NOT supposed to be in the sun.   If you focus on what we cannot do, we may get depressed.  But if you shift your thinking and start asking “What else can I do to accomplish similar result?”  You may end up with so many new ideas and find some so much fun. _

We can start becoming a hacker and figure out the way to use what we have for other purposes.  (I heard from hacker that they think what they can make the item to do, rather than try to find out what the item is supposed to do.)  We can all become hacker and stay sane… hahaha.

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