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IMG_0237I am now at the airport lounge waiting for the flight to Vancouver. I am looking forward to the visit in Whistler even more so now as these few days have reminded me how brutal the summer in Tokyo can be. (It is still the beginning!)
When I jogged around the park after 5:00 a.m. this morning, it was not too hot. When I went to vote before the election day by bike later, I could feel the hot and humid summer of Tokyo.
I am looking forward to having some relaxing time after rather hectic few weeks. I usually take it super easy when I arrive at Whistler, BC, to recover. Then my outdoor activities start! This year, I have been involved with the exciting project (for which I participated in the meeting via skype now) and will give some more thought to it.
The only thing I could not do this year is to go to outdoor concert by Vancouver Symphony in Whistler on Canada Day, July 1 and US Independence Day, July 4. This year they finished the concert today, July 3 and I will miss it. It is one of the luxuries I enjoy in BC every summer…. This year, I enjoyed lovely concert by City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in Tokyo instead…

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