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Leaving Haneda after midnight on Saturday on Dec. 23, I arrived in Hong Kong in some 5 hours flight. I slept about 3 hours with a glass of red wine and took a cab to the hotel before the sun rise. As my check in date began the day earlier, I was able to check in and go straight to sleep.
The trip to Hong Kong in December was made possible after some planning of how I can use miles/points that expire at the end of this year. My trip to San Francisco early November and short trip to Kona, Hawaii were arranged in the same way.
Though I was in Hong Kong for the conference last year, I really did not have much plan for this trip. I was not even sure what clothe to bring to 20C+ in Hong Kong!
My plan is nothing more than relax (staying at the nice hotel is so relaxing to me!) , read few books, learn how to use iPhone X more and probably prepare Year End letter to friends.
 So after good nap for 3 hours and very nice breakfast at the hotel, I decided to walk around. I asked Concierge and was given a map. I ended up going to the Asia Society to see one Exhibition and walked around Hong Kong Park. Both were very nice and I enjoyed being in the sun with lots of greens around as well as happy families. My friend is supposed to join me, and we are now in the process of making it happen.
I enjoy warm weather and many lovely “tropical” flowers and the warm sun, which makes me so relaxed and easy mood.

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