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On Thursday, August 29, we will host Global Agenda Special session #1 for the year 2019.  The topic is how we can make our home adapt to us by making it “computer like.”  Our guest is Ashutosh Saxena, Co-Founder & CEO of

I remember many years ago, I had a chance to visit my friend’s house which is somewhat computerized. As I recall, the house was able to adapt temperature/humidity etc. to preference of the people who live there. It was also possible to turn on the air conditioning before you get home so that it is cool when you get there from the hot/humid weather of Tokyo.  Since then, I heard about various kind of robots that do domestic work such as vacuuming, etc. but did not hear too much about  the comprehensive application of computer, big data and AI.

Our guest wondered why advancing technology has not been applied to our living environment which we spend so much time of the day, and decided to make our home adapt to us by using AI.  Their concept goes even further by predicting and adjusting the living environment, based upon our data.

I think living environment, i.e. our houses and apartment, is very important element for our well being and often wondered why the houses in other countries such as US and Canada are designed so comfortably.  (nothing to do with technology, though.)  So I am very excited to hear his presentation and join him for Question and Answers.

Computerized? home offers great potential, and yet, it may bring rather delicate privacy issues, as the data needed to be collected to figure out the preferred lifestyle of the residents. Recent issues around smart speakers which collects all the sounds in the household may serve as obstacles to make the home that adapts to you the reality.

The session will be conducted in English, but it may serve as good opportunity for you who may have tried to develop/refine communication capability during the summer to monitor your progress.  So join us and ask many questions!  Details and registration can be found here.  I hope to see many of you there!

More info. about the company and guest  is here. Details and registration is here.

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