This evening (August 29), we hosted Global Agenda Seminar series 2019  Special session at Roppongi Academy Hills. The topic is “People and Home in AI era.” in which how AI can be applied to our living environment.  Though we spend most of our day at our home, not much AI and technology seems to be applied to our living environment; Our guest was Dr. Ashutosh Saxena and Maja Rudinac.

They explained the robotics which could sense and adapt, and could help elderly and/or disadvantaged. They showed a few videos and many photos of the home they helped build.

After the presentation, I joined them and  had interesting discussion.  The questions from the floor were very good and lively.  It was interesting that combination of AI and home (which is close to our heart) created enthusiasm and energy.  I am grateful to CASPAR people and the participants.