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Christmas Eve is tomorrow (it is still Friday in Hawaii where I am) and this weekend is such a big holiday weekend, most significant for families.  Many visitors have arrived today (Friday, December 23, is not a holiday in the U.S. unlike Japan), one of whom is President Barak Obama.

As there was the last minute disagreement in Washington DC,  the President finally  made  it to join his family in Hawaii Friday evening.  I believe these few years saw the First family spend Christmas holidays in Hawaii and the people in Hawaii  welcome them very much.

Christmas means a lot  as very significant holidays for families,  and many activities have been planned and reported for the families of the soldiers now in Afghanistan.   The US is officially out of Iraq, just in time for the holidays, as promised by the President Obama.  Many news about the families of the US armed forces still far away fighting for the country make me feel so emotional.   I always realize how important the holidays are for the American people (very similar to the New Year’s for the Japanese.)   It is time to appreciate families and friends.

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