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As the year 2019 comes to the end in a few days, I wonder everyone in the world can enjoy and appreciate holidays.  One of the reasons this question comes to my mind is that in many places in the world such as Syria and some places in Africa, the war and conflict has been going on for many years and very young children know nothing but war and horror,  It also leads to the question, where the world is heading.

I tried to recall my activities in December in the past two years, and I could not help but think that the world has definitely changed.   Is it for better or for worse? As far as I see, it is not clear. For those who have not seen anything like growth, rising standard of living and basic items such as food, water and shelter since they were born, how could they imagine simple, but good, affordable life?   Recently I have worked with the young people (20s and 30s) and realized that the life they have lived is so different from what I have. When I talk about incidents/activities few decades ago, they respond that they were not around and cannot imagine.  How could very young children in the areas where violence continues think of life where they need not fear bomb coming down, not see their families suffer?  I realize millennials and teenagers have begun not accepting the life and the world as they are passed on and have begun demanding different world and society.  I am still not sure what I can do to make sure that they can have a say to design the world they live in.  Very important topic we need to address so that holidays are for all, and not for few..

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