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Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over in the US, the holiday shopping season is in full swing.  As I understand it, some retailers, notably, Wal-mart, opened even on Thanksgiving day for shopping!  So Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving day when many people have a day off and go shopping) is replaced by Grey Thursday (not sure why it is called this way) and Cyber Monday (Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend) has turned to be Cyber Thanksgiving weekend, it seems.

Holiday shopping in the US is something that people elsewhere have a hard time understanding.  I still do not quite understand the significance of it, but it is BIG!   Until two years ago, I always spent several days in New York and in Boston in the middle of December where shopping is in high gear.  It was  almost remarkable to see families (even small kids) out on the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan carry big shopping bags late at night.  It is in the bitter cold weather, but people seemed to be so happy.

It seems that the Black Friday this year saw the biggest sales at many retailers.  Probably people are tired of not spending and have decided to give themselves a break.

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