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When I went out this afternoon, I found people with Christmas cake box  (probably to enjoy with family members at home), but trains not too crowded probably due to Covid-19 unlike other holiday season.  I still do not quite feel like holidays this year.  It appears that every other place throughout the world is in the same boat and this holiday season is very different from any other year.

I decided to check my blog entries to find out how I spend this time of the year recently.  I find that I am overseas (last year I was in NYC. ,three years ago in Hong Kong, and before that most of the time in Kauai) or having people over for year end get-togethers.  This year, I am not able to do either one of these activities. (The only thing I have done so far is to do Christmas dinner w take out roast chicken with wine, etc.)

I believe there are so many people (particularly out of Japan) that have lost loved ones and feel lonely, spending holidays with empty chair at the table.  As their death must have been so sudden from Covid-19, their loss must be felt even more.

I lost my father in September and miss his birthday lunch (Dec. 22) with cousins and friends, as well as Christmas/New Year dinner with him.  But I feel that he must be watching over me from somewhere (I felt the same way when I lost my mother 8 years ago) and do not feel so lost.   When I lost my husband many years ago, it took a few years for me to get over the feeling of loss.

So for this holiday season, I plan to do activities which I want to do/need to do, taking advantage of the time given, while continue my daily routine of jog  around the park in the morning, bike and Bokken practice in the evening.  Combination of something new and routine, to make everyday a new day.

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