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 Yesterday, October 8, I attended the general meeting of Ferris alumni Tokyo chapter.  This is the annual event with a guest speaker and for all those who graduated from Ferris, highschool like myself, college or junior college.  Each year we have interesting guest speaker and I happened to attend several years ago.  (The guest speaker that year was Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara and I wanted to hear his presentation.)

  I was once given the opportunity to talk about IT and managed to get some of my classmates.  Like other reunions, the participants tend to become regulars and the reunion usually has difficulty attracting new graduates.  As Tokyo chapter covers all different schools and all ages, we tend to become older as the year passes by.

  This year’s guest speaker was Prof. Junko Maeda with the title of the presentation, “Elvis, the last American hero.”  I was one of those who memorized every single one of his songs and saw many movies of his including Blue Hawaii, I was quite excited to hear the talk.  (In fact, the movie was shot on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, where I spend my holidays every year!)    I almost excused myself from attending this year’s reunion, but decided to attend.  It was good to recall my highschool days and become a bit nostalgic. Life goes on, but sometimes it reminds you how far you have come.  It is also nice to remind ourselves of our childhood dream.

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