This afternoon I attended HeForShe seminar organized by PwC Japan, Bunkyo ward, Unilever Japan and UN Women Japan office. I heard about this seminar from Yuka Shimada of Unilever and post a banner on my website.
I barely made it to the venue in time as I had to spend over 1 hour getting out of the old contract and setting up a new one at Bic Camera for my wi-max router  have struggled since last night.
Despite the hectic pace I had to rush (without lunch etc.), I made it just when they started the Introduction. I was able to hear Ms. Akie Abe, followed by 2 discussion (talks show type?) and one panel.
My main focus was the first one entitled “Future work and life with AI” where Dr. Y. Matsuo and Mr. Aoto were panelists. It was fascinating and I am even more interested in neuroscience and feeling, memory etc. The second discussion with business leaders had very clear message targeted at young male (which I heard was the main target of this seminar) and the last panel discussion had full of new ideas, too.
I was very impressed with how exciting the panel discussions could be if we choose the right mix of panelists. Usually panel discussion gets boring, particularly if it is close to 4 hours! I believe it was due to the creativity and hard work of the organizers.
At the reception following the seminar, I met with quite a few old friends. All in all,  I felt it was one of the best on the topic of diversity/work style reform. I am grateful to the organizers and to the people who came.