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 March 8 (Wednesday) is International Women’s Day and guests from overseas and events have been scheduled around this date. One of them is HeForShe scheduled for Tuesday, March 7. It is hosted by UN Women Japan Liaison Office, PwC Japan Group, Bunkyo city and Unilever Japan.
I happened to hear about it from Yuka Shimada of Unilever, my good friend, when we discussed another series few days ago.
The title of the event is “Our future workplace-changes in innovation:Our life and work-changes in mindset”. It will be held in the afternoon of March 7 at Bukyo Civic Hall. Language will be in Japanese but with English translation.
Program looks very interesting, in particular, I am intrigued by concept of changing Mindset. I have felt mindset is critical, but extremely difficult to change. With research advancement in neuroscience, there may be a possibility to do it scientifically.
Why not join us. (I will be there.) Application in English is not yet available, but it will be soon, I hope. You can go to the Japanese site and ask your friends to translate the program? Here it is.

In fact, we will host #45 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series the day after tomorrow on the similar topic of “What workstyle reform means to us? How do we use time?” and I will have series of interviews/meetings on the subject lined up, so it is quite relevant.  I hope many men will come to the event. After all, it is HeForShe!

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