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These two days (yesterday and today), I heard several concepts and approach using technology for the future.  I heard “computational design” twice as well as “launchpad” for startups several times.  Computational design was mentioned by the VC person and by architect.  I also heard the link between the area, materials and architecture.  Architecture is very interesting to me, though I have little knowledge of it and have no training to speak of.  Just listening to the transformation found in architecture-use of different materials, data etc.- makes the field of architecture even more exciting.

I attended the morning session of Innovative City Forum at Roppongi Hills and heard three key notes.  I also attended the kickoff session of Brainstorming for IR4 in the evening. The positive and negative views of Big Data was interesting.  I wish I could join the brainstorming….. (I missed the afternoon parallel session as I was working on my draft due tomorrow!)

I have another hectic day tomorrow, as I have doctors appointment followed by the radio program.  I hope doctor’s appointment will go OK so that I can join the show…  AND Innovative City Forum, Day 2!.

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