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I was scheduled to join BBC Business Matters this morning.  We switched the dates (originally Wednesday, but studio was not available) and it was fine as I was available. You can listen to the show here.  My visit at the chiropractic doctor yesterday, however,  put many things upside down, as he told me that my lower back had unusual hard part?.  I have had health issues for my pancreas and have been monitoring the status every year by going through  the major test.  Frightened by his words and the lower back pain I have suffered these several days, I decided to do the test. I was fortunate as there was an opening this morning (the doctor is very popular and it is almost impossible to reserve the spot unless it is 1.5 months away or so)  I asked BBC staff to let me leave a bit early before the show ends so that I can get to the clinic a bit later than the appointment.  (I calculated time using different route, as dignitaries are in Tokyo for the big ceremony and many places are blocked.)

I joined Business Matters and made some comments (missed the opportunity to do so for the FemTech story). I rushed to the clinic and went through the test.  As I had general anesthesia., I had to wait for close to 2 hours before I am fully awake to walk around.  I rushed to the place for lunch I promised with my friend and her colleagues,  I felt bad as I was late almost an hour and they waited (had not started!).  The discussion was interesting and I hope we could continue next time.

I made it to another meeting in the area, (this time on time) and had productive meeting. I finally came home to look at my PC in the evening.

Not having anything to eat before the test and going through the big test exhausted me.  But the preliminary result is OK (though result of blood test not available another week), and my worst fear is almost gone.  I am so grateful to people who were kind enough to accommodate my requests for being late, etc.  At the same time, I realize how important wellness/health is.

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