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As weather forecast predicted (and schools in NYC were canceled as well as open rehearsal I was scheduled to go this morning), today Feb. 9 began with snow coming down very hard and fast since 5:00 a.m. or so. During one hour I spent at Spots Club nearby, the streets were covered with so much snow, making it hard to walk back. (It was a challenge to go to Starbucks three blocks away!)
The panel discussion at Japan Society this evening was canceled in the morning as traffic conditions around Manhattan were quite bad and very cold weather with strong wind was expected throughout the day.
As I have been busy preparing for the panel, all of a sudden, I felt a bit tired physically when I found out it was canceled. (So I did laundry!)
I contacted my family (whom I have not visited so far as they were busy this week) and decided to join them for sledding at the Central Park.  It was so cold but the Park was full of people-young and old-who seem to love the snow and sledding.  We took turns sledding down the hill (I did try, too) for a while, and walked back to their apartment to finish snowman.  It was nice to be able to enjoy some time together with them, as I had not have time to spend time with my family this week, as we were all busy.    The evening finished with pasta with salad and movie.  I prepared short video, with voice over in English and some background music. Here it is.

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