Yesterday, we had quite lively discussion about the economic development and the role of government/private sector in our class on Competitiveness, lunch session AND my seminar.  We had a case discussion of  Estonia and Chile for the morning class session.  From 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., we discussed various issues such as whether having natural resources is the blessing or not for the economy over the long run,  how important education is, and how changing are  the roles of government and of business etc. etc.

   I have tried to incorporate current issues such as the increasing role and expectation of  the governments in stabilizing the global financial market and what the business executives can and should do.  As these are current topics, the class discussion tends to become very lively. Having students representing 12 countries makes the discussion even more interesting, as we can draw from their own experiences. 

  These issues have no clearcut solution and thus make us think and probe.  It is exciting and stimulating, and at the same time, quite exhausting.  After heated and thought provoking discussion for several hours, I really appreciated  TGIF! 

  Next week, we will have wine cluster case AND wine/cheese session, to give us a bit of a break.