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 As it has been still hot and humid in Tokyo (and it is the mid September!), I recalled hypothetical? relationship between heat and irritability/anger.  I find myself not only physically tired from heat, but also easily irritable in the hot and humid weather these days.  When I get home in the evening, I feel I have had it!  (and feel rather mad!)

  I recall that there are many accidents and fights in the summer in the inner cities of the U.S. as kids and teenagers  who live in the small apartment cannot stay inside, go out onto the street and fight because it is too hot. That was one of the reasons  we did the program when I was an exchange student at college in Kansas (several decades ago!)  to take kids to the parks and other places which are free of charge during the summer.

  Now several decades later, I can feel the irritability caused by the heat and humidity.  Probably, it is not heat and humidity that makes me irritable, but something else. It is my current hypothesis.  We will see how I feel when we have nice weather.

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