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 Exactly a week ago on April 13th, we hosted Session #57 of Davos Experience in Tokyo with many participants. (Here is my blog entries about that session.)  We learned about blockchain (though I, for one, am still NOT quite sure whether I understand it well or not,) and feel more or less ready to try small amount of cryptocurrency ourselves then.

Our next session of Davos.. in Tokyo series will be held on Friday, May 11, at Philips Japan office in Shinagawa. Our topic is “How we can make and sustain healthier world through technology,”  I myself have suffered from common cold (not flu or hay fever!) in the past few days and feel my energy has been zapped due to that, I now feel strongly about the importance of health.

 Philips which has a  long history and has been in a variety of businesses now focus on Health-tech.   We will find out what their vision is and how they try to accomplish this agenda of healthier world.  We will have Mr. Tsutsumi, President & CEO of Philips Japan explain their vision first, followed by some demonstrations of their products etc.  We will brainstorm how we can market their concept of health and identify how we can design ecosystem through collaboration with a variety of companies.  Details and registration is here.  I hope to see many of you there!

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