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It seems that the Health care reform bill, signature of the Obama administration, has passed the House in Washington. I was listening to the podcast of various U.S. news programs broadcast on Sunday. It was getting so heated that I could not keep on listening the argument or almost shouting without giving the others the chance to respond.
The health care reform bill is the issue only related to the U. S., but we have many issues which we face on the global level such as resources, energy, global health, education, poverty etc. How can we make sure that we make ourselves well informed and have a view on these complex issues?
Becoming more aware of the complexity of these issues AND the urgency for decision, together with the need for coordinated action, I sometimes feel quite overwhelmed by the task. I have to tell myself (almost every morning) that we must press on and should never give up. (I heard very recently the qualification for being a pilot is the spirit of “Never give up.”)

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