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IMG_9586 (1)As it has been a LONG day today, only headings are listed below. (I started the day in rain with Aikido class -two days in a row and I am all sore now.!)
-Need to encourage students when you are teaching something new (from my Aikido teacher who says that this is basic, but very difficult, so do not feel discouraged if you feel you are not making any progress..)
-Big divide between different groups of people who go to concert/shows etc.-
Today at Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, majority of the audience seems to be  in 50s and over for the concert entitled “Our music for the 21st century” (which I thought would target young generation).  I saw many young people at the same place for Game Symphony and the same age group as today at other concerts so engaged and excited. So age may not matter.
– Probability of 1 in hundreds of thousands that I ran into one of my young friends after few years at the Starbucks in Ikebukuro!
– It takes time to discuss complex matters –but definitely worth it. We need to have mental & physical stamina….
More to come later as I need some sleep after 3 full days of action…(Tomorrow is Monday!)

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