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I came to Boston to attend the Competitiveness workshop held at Harvard Business School. This workshop is held every December over the past 8 years or so for the faculty members who teach this course originally designed by Prof. Michael E. Porter at HBS.  I had attended every year since 2002  but missed the last year’s as I  had to stay in Japan for various reasons and gave up the plan.

It is nice to be back at the workshop with many familiar faces.  Quite a few people came up to say that they missed me last year!  It is also  nice to be with Prof. M. Porter who was in Tokyo last week for the Porter Prize.

P1010275I was given an opportunity to share my experience of doing various things related to Competitiveness not only in Japan but also on regional and global level.  It was nice to reflect back my own activities. (photo on the left is my presentation)

The day was long as we started the session at 8:00 a.m., spent morning session to learn the new software we use for the course (which is offered throughout the world), spent the afternoon to discuss various new initiatives and development, and finished the day with the nice reception (with wine, cheese, sushi and other great food!) (Photo below is of Prof. Porter on the right and Prof.Christian Ketels of European Business School, with whom I have worked.)

MEPCK2We will have another day tomorrow to discuss more about the next steps.  I am very fortunate to have been involved with this type of exciting and quite ambitious initiative.  I am always VERY impressed with the professionalism the people involved with the workshop at HBS have. I wish we have this type of professionalism in Japan.

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