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hbs2 hbs3Are you thinking about a new career now that single career in one company is thing of the past?  Do you want to learn new skills and new ideas, but not quite sure where to go?
classroomFrom the work over the past two years as member of Global Agenda Council on Future of Jobs, I am convinced that jobs and employment is now undergoing major transformation throughout the world. Each one of us need to think how we want to design our career and our life style.  For that purpose, we need information and networking.
I strongly recommend that you check out the event organized by Harvard Business School MBA Admission office this Saturday, June 18. It is important for us to make use of every opportunity to get information from variety of sources AND to meet with people with similar aspirations. Even if you are not interested in MBA per se, it helps to find out what is going on at HBS, isn’t it?
Do come and join the HBS event. It will be of value. Details are as follows.

MBA Information Session Saturday, June 18

10:00-11:45 General Session

12:15-14:00 Entrepreneurship Session


For Registration of either one of the sessions: follow the link as below. General Session   Entrepreneurship outreach Session

I guarantee that it will be an exciting Saturday!

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