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Harvard Business School Admission office will hold two events (am and pm) on Saturday, June 14 at Marunouchi Conference Square.  This will be a good opportunity for anyone interested in Harvard Business School MBA Program.

I graduated from HBS with DBA (not MBA) few decades ago!, and every June, I am tempted to go to Reunion at the beautiful campus, as when I went there few years ago, I  felt so proud to be a part of the community.  (This year, we will have big Doctoral Program Reunion and I contributed with my own story. Unfortunately, I made commitment in Tokyo and not able to go.)

There have been many discussions on the value of MBA, and low interest of young people to go abroad to study, etc. etc. I think that MBA (and Harvard MBA)  is NOT the only option to become leaders or entrepreneurs(we have quite a few HBS alumni in Japan who are successful entrepreneurs), but it does NOT hurt to go to these outreach events to find out yourself what they are like.  You may be surprised at the potential  opportunities to study there and also may enjoy meeting with people who share same interest and aspirations.

Many people also shy away from study abroad due to the financial constraints.  However, there are almost always funds available.   For example,  I understand that HBS has very strong financial aid program and they strongly encourage young people to apply to HBS regardless of their financial needs as they accept applicants on needs-blind basis.

The morning session is for entrepreneurs to be and entrepreneurs and the afternoon session is for general audience.  Details are as follows:

Place: Marunouchi Building Conference Square, Marunouchi Building 8F as follows.

Date & Time:  Saturday, June 14, 2014

Entrepreneurship Session from 10 am to 12 noon. Follow this link for registration for this session.

General session from 1pm to 3pm.  Follow this link for this session.

Remember, it is VERY important for YOU to find out yourself…

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