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I spent two weeks in Kauai in the middle of December, enjoying the warm weather and relaxing sound of waves.
While I was there, I read the article in the paper (I believe) that Hawaii has been attracting quite a few young entrepreneur-billionaires and “celebrities.”

I knew that Steve Case is from Kauai and has made considerable investment in developing the island. In fact, the zip line I tried in Kauai has been built in the area S. Case owns.

I also know that Larry Ellison of Oracle owned part (97%) of the island of Lanai and since he bought it, the small island has been developed considerably. It has been  reported that Mark Zuckerberg of face book has bought properties in Kauai as well.

So Hawaiian islands are becoming “hot” spot for real estate purchase. I do not recall the names of other celebrities (as I do not know them that well) who recently bought real estate on the islands. President Obama and his family spends holidays in Oahu in the past several years.

As Hawaii depends heavily on tourism, I suppose the news is good for the economy of the state.

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