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This morning, I interviewed one of the past participants of Global Agenda Seminar series.  She used to work for the major Japanese company, but started thinking about the career change, attended variety of seminars etc. and decided to pursue her interest in medicine and healthcare.  This interview is part of what I started this year, as GAS Talk series, and it was the 14th of the series. I interview past participants of GAS and ask them their reasons and expectation from the GAS when they applied (together with their actual experience).  Every time, I am very impressed by variety of career each one has pursued and how they made it happen.

The talk this morning (we did it at 7 am JST as she is now based in San Diego) was no exception.  It was very interesting how she became interested in health/medicine and searched schools where they offer advanced degree of naturopathic medicine.   After short visits at places in UK.  she enrolled at  the graduate school in Seattle  I was very impressed by her initiative and passion to pursue her interest once she identified it.

She has many specific suggestions which will be very helpful for many people (not only students, young people, but also for anybody interested in DOING make their dream come true.)

Her talk made me think of the students who asked me questions regarding how to maintain motivation when you do not have people with passion around.  Covid-19 has made it even more difficult as freshmen in college have not had experience of meeting with people on campus since they started college life.  I have been wondering what I can do for the students who lack opportunities to interact with many different kinds of people. Having people with passion around is very important, I think, from my own experiences of meeting with people who always try new things and who seem to have so much energy.

I am now editing the video of the talk and will post it as soon as it is finished and confirmed,. So stay tuned.


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